The Process


initial consultation

Everything I make, whether it be a cute sundress or a detailed wedding dress, begins with a consultation where we share ideas, look at fabrics, discuss cost and begin the process.


wedding dress measurement

Once we have decided on a design measurements are taken, fabrics chosen and initial deposit organised. Then a pattern is created and a calico or “toile” fitting done so that adjustments to both style and fit can be made.

First Fitting

wedding dress first fitting

After making these adjustments a first fitting is scheduled to ensure perfect fit and discuss any decorations or adornments required.
The number of further fittings required will depend on the complexity of the garment, but the outcome always the same – a professionally made garment that both fits well and reflects your personal style!

Finishing Touches

wedding dress finishing touches

Final payment is required prior to collection of your garment, which will be beautifully pressed and packaged in a garment bag or box.
Throughout the entire process I encourage an open conversation to ensure you enjoy the experience, all your needs are fulfilled and you are nothing short of thrilled with the outcome!